How to Publish a Book

To submit a book proposal, please complete the Aberdeen University Press Book Proposal Form. If you intend your book to be part of an existing AUP book series then indicate this on the proposal form. Send your completed proposal form and sample chapter (if available) to the AUP administrator at

Once submitted, the proposal will be considered by the AUP Academic Advisory Board, who will request peer-review reports from at least two independent experts before making a final decision. If the proposal is accepted, the full manuscript should then be submitted, using the Aberdeen University Press Style Guide, and will be subject to further peer-review prior to any final decision on publication.

If successful a publication contract will be issued before final editing and production. Authors may be asked to make changes during the production process, but they will be consulted about any changes. Authors are also consulted about the presentation and marketing of the book.

Books will be published on the Aberdeen University Press platform free of charge to readers globally and a print on demand copy will be available for purchase.

Aberdeen University Press Style Guide

The Aberdeen University Press Style Guide gives authors information about the formatting and layout to be used in submitting a manuscript and is available to download.