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    About Aberdeen University Press

    Since 2019, Aberdeen University Press has been managed by the Directorate of Digital and Information Services and in 2022 it became a fully Open Access University Press. The Press has also widened its remit to engage the full range of academic disciplines and support interdisciplinarity.

    Aberdeen University Press is an important component of wider work to expand the University of Aberdeen’s open research capability and support a research culture that encourages openness and aligns with our ambitious long-term strategy, Aberdeen 2040, which charts the direction of the University for the coming decades Aberdeen University Press was established in 1900, and built a reputation for publishing leading literary and academic works across a range of disciplines. More recently it has focused on journals and monographs focusing on Scottish culture and history

    Aberdeen University Press publishes a range of high-quality peer-reviewed journals, book series and stand-alone monographs. All publishing decisions are made by the Aberdeen University Press Academic Advisory Board.

    Aberdeen University Press aims to be a Diamond Open Access publisher, where there are no charges to authors for publication or to readers for accessing our titles. We do not charge the authors of our journal articles for publishing with us. We do, however, encourage article authors to avail of institutional or funder grants to allay the costs incurred by the Press.

    Vision and mission

    In line with the University of Aberdeen’s 1495 foundational statement ‘open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the service of others’, we publish high quality open access research across all disciplines and fields of enquiry from scholars worldwide.

    As well as publishing primary research, we encourage works of synthesis which are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in their approach. Aberdeen University Press is committed to the highest standards of peer review and research integrity, while helping scholars to shape scholarly debate and public policy for national and global challenges.

    Our Team

    Brian Henderson, Director of Digital and Information Services

    Simon Bains, University Librarian

    Susan Halfpenny, Head of Research & Learning Information Services

    Emma Francis, Cataloguing & Metadata Manager

    Sandra Hynes, Administrator, Aberdeen University Press, Scholarly Communications Officer

    Executive Board

    Brian Henderson, Director of Digital and Information Services

    Simon Bains, University Librarian

    Professor Michael Brown, Chair of Academic Board

    Dr Andrew Dilley, Chair of the Friends of Aberdeen University Library

    Dr Sandra Hynes, Aberdeen University Press Manager 

    To be appointed, Head of School 

    To be appointed, Representative of Vice Principal of Research 

    To be appointed, Representative of the Directorate of Research and Innovation 

    To be appointed, External Representative

    Academic Advisory Board

    For the period 2022-2025

    Simon Bains, University Librarian

    Professor Michael Brown, Academic Chair

    Dr Andrew Dilley, Chair of the Friends of Aberdeen University Library

    Professor Michael Beaney, Regius Chair of Logic, School of Divinity, History, Philosophy, and Art History

    Dr Clare Moran, Lecturer in International Law, School of Law

    Dr Rainer Schulz, Senior Lecturer in Real Estate, Business School

    Dr Rachel Shanks, Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, School of Education 

    Dr Juliano Morimoto, Lecturer in Zoology, School of Biological Sciences 

    Postdoctoral Researcher, to be appointed 

    Postdoctoral Researcher, to be appointed